Building Northern Capacity through Entrepreneurship (BNCE) Project


• Who Are We?
The BNCE Project is managed by a team that formed in June 2014 and is comprised of University of Saskatchewan researchers from the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development and the Edwards School of Business.

• What Are We Doing?
In partnership with Northerners, we are exploring how entrepreneurship is impacting Northern Saskatchewan communities. Through this collaborative effort, we will better understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northern Saskatchewan and how it compares with a similar region in Northern Scandinavia.

• Why Are We Doing It?
We want our communities to benefit from this work. Through an improved understanding of the ways that entrepreneurship has and is contributing to social and economic capacity building in relation to local concepts of ‘the good life,’ well-being and prosperity, communities will be better equipped to develop plans and take actions to achieve their goals.

• How Are We Doing It?
We will be holding meetings and workshops in 10 communities across Northern Saskatchewan. The workshops will involve approximately 40 high school students along with other community members who will be invited to discuss topics of importance to their region. We will also be using innovative Photovoice and OurVoice methods to ensure that all participants are heard in inviting and engaging ways.

• Why Should You Participate?
• Find out how you can address the needs of your community by working together
• Feel good about sharing information that will benefit your community and having your voice heard
• Develop a story about the community-driven activities that have worked well in your area
• Identify community strengths and challenges and use this information to overcome those challenges
• Engage collaboratively in a University-community partnership that can offer new insights and pathways to potential opportunities

• What Will You Get in Return?
• A summary of what we learned from the community, what they feel their priorities are
• A chance to have your voice heard and collaborate with others
• Opportunity to better understand the opportunities and challenges in your community and share knowledge of your successes with other communities
• Increased understanding of what is happening in other communities in the north and an opportunity to learn from similar communities in northern scandinavia
• Information that can be used for developing plans for the community and seeking assistance from governments and others
• Bringing knowledge back to the community in creative ways such as a project website, traveling photo exhibit (photos and videos)
• A free supper and a chance to win door prizes!

• If You Want to Get Involved
Please contact Dazawray Parker at (306) 966–8776 or Joelena Leader at (306) 966-1609.

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